What to do if suspect husband cheating but no evidence?

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Question by Think about it: What to do if suspect husband cheating but no evidence?
ive caught him in lies and suspect strongly he’s cheating with a woman he is always meeting up with supposedly for work but I gave no evidence and he denies it when I accuse him. I can’t go on like this. Is it reasonable I leave him as a result of strong suspicions driving me crazy?

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Answer by K D
What would I do? I would find myself some evidence. There WILL be evidence you can pick up, you just have to keep your eyes open. For me, lying and cheating is the absolute worst you can do to a person so I pretty much disregard most (if not close to all) of my morals to find the truth.

Or you could just leave him. Tell him the stress is of you worrying about him cheating on you is too much. The fact the you’ve caught him lying is a strong indication that he would cheat if he hasn’t already. It’s all up to you on what you do but I think it’s best to have proof before you decide on anything.

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