How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

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Catching a cheating spouse requires you to learn the difference between cheating spouse signs that might be just misinterpreted innocent behavior and getting hard evidence that will catch a cheater red-handed.

Right now you might be feeling sexually inadequate because your spouse has been neglecting you or you’ve seen other signs of a cheating spouse but you’re still not sure. The heartache felt by us when we think we might have a cheating partner is just awful.  You want to find out the truth even if it hurts right?


How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

First off, the tactics you will use to catch your spouse cheating is also how to catch a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend. If you want to see a great resource that will help you get started immediately I recommend a highly popular and effective Ebook to you:

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Otherwise read on:

In an earlier post I published a video that will show to 10 signs of a cheating spouse. I want to take the mask off now and reveal how I know this stuff.

I Was An Unfaithful Spouse

Before giving my life to the Lord in 1995 I was one of the most accomplished cheaters on the planet. It’s still extremely painful for me to even think about all of the heartache that my behavior caused. I still am sometime driven to tears thinking about the lives I ruined. I had cheated on my first wife habitually and vowed when I got remarried that I would never cheat again.

Unfortunately my second wife apparently made no such vows and ended up cheating on me. Talk about Karma!

I know how cheaters work. I know the tricks they use to avoid detection and I also know how easy it is to catch them if you know how. If you’ve taken the time to read my earlier posts you should now be at least partially prepared to find out the truth and finally catch a cheater in the act. Apart from the video post this one is probably the most helpful: how to tell if your spouse is cheating.

baby How To Catch A Cheating Spouse


How To Catch A Cheating Spouse Once and For All


Using the tips I’m giving you here will get you started but unfortunately knowing a few cheating signs will not make you a human lie detector nor a private eye. You need to not only be able to see the signs you also need a way to actually spy on them when you’re not around. I found a solution for you.

I originally toyed with the idea of writing a comprehensive book on ways to catch cheaters but while I was doing research on private eye methods I came a book actually called “How To Catch a Cheating Spouse“.

Being a former serial cheater, and also a victim of cheating myself, I thought it would be pretty easy to write a better book, so I grabbed a copy. After sitting down and reading it cover to cover, I realized that not only did I not realize how much I was giving myself away when I was cheating but I had missed so many obvious signs that my second wife had been cheating.

I could have caught her so much sooner if I had had this book. You would think that my history as a cheater would have made it easy to spot one myself, but in this particular case I missed some signs because they weren’t things I had done.

Rather than reinvented the wheel and write my own book, I think it would be more helpful to you if I just recommended the book I discovered. Besides, it comes with some cool spy software, that I wouldn’t have been able to give you. Just be prepared to learn the truth.

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Most people think they would surely know if their spouse is cheating on them. Most of the time they do not. We develop a blind trust in our spouses that stop us from seeing what’s really going on. Usually everyone around the marriage knows something is up.

That old saying that “the wife is the last to know” is 100% accurate. Even a reformed expert cheater like myself missed the signs in my own marriage. So don’t think you can’t be fooled.


What’s even more dangerous is to jump to conclusions. Your spouse may simply be planning a surprise birthday party for you, or arranging a special Valentines , Christmas or birthday gift. I once knew a couple where the wife was about to leave her husband because of his suspected cheating and all along he was secretly buying her a new car!

So I’m about to give you the 4 most common signs of cheating but I want you to keep that last paragraph in mind. The purpose of this site is to help undercover real cheaters, not create paranoia.


How To Catch Your Spouse Cheating


1. Strange cell phone behaviour – Heres’ one that caught me off guard because cell phones weren’t really being used back in the days when I was a cheater. My ex would grab her cigarettes when receiving a call so as to go outside without creating suspicion.

She also, out of the blue, went and got us new phones only because she was setting up an excuse for why the call details were no longer on our cell phone bill. When I questioned it, she very matter of fact told me that with the new plan we’d have to pay extra for that. I bought it!

2. Smell of another person on your spouse – Don’t assume you’ll catch this one. A clever cheater will buy their new partner the same fragrance as what you wear. a husband may also mysteriously start helping with the laundry in an effort to get his clothes washed before you have a chance to smell them.

3. Leaving the house at bizarre times or for unnecessary errands – Sometimes errands are a quick dodge to call the person they are cheating with. Watch for “shopping” trips where the spouse comes back with items that could have been grabbed quickly on the return trip. Also watch for your spouse to suddenly having to stay late or go into work early.

4. Covering up what they do on the computer – If the same generic website seems to be on whenever you “pop” into the room chances are they changed it when they heard you coming. Look in your web history and see if it’s being deleted on a regular basis. Is your spouse seem to jump on the computer as soon as you leave the house?

All of these signs could indicate that you have a cheating wife or a cheating husband, but they all also could mean nothing at all. It’s very important to the trust in your marriage that you do not accuse your spouse of cheating until you have solid evidence.

In my next post I’m going to reveal how to catch a cheating spouse with some of the ways that you can get solid proof of cheating.


Ten Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse

Do you really want to know how to catch a cheating spouse?  You need to watch this video. I’m giving you ten cheating signs that are almost foolproof. While some signs of an affair can be ambiguous, these ten are virtual slam dunks that you’re being cheated on.


Okay in this video I’ll give you 10 surefire ways to know if your spouse is cheating. If you’re seeing one of these signs or possibly two there may not be anything going on. On the other hand; if two or more of these things are happening in your relationship there’s a really good possibility that you’re being cheated on.

Okay; so here’s the 10 signs that you might be being cheating on.

Starting arguments for no reason. A lot of times a person that’s cheating is just looking for an excuse to get out of the house so what they’ll do is start an argument for no reason usually over something stupid and then they’ll storm out of the house leaving you to think you did something wrong and should feel bad about. This is an old trick that gets them out of the house, makes you feel bad, and usually theyre out meeting their new lover.

Another classic sign that you’re being cheated on is being accused of cheating. When someone feels guilty about something in their mind they can ration that maybe you’re doing the same thing. In fact it’s possible they’re even hoping that you are so they don’t feel as guilty. If you know that you’re innocent and you’re being accused of cheating anyway, it’s a very high likelihood that you’re being cheated on.

Suddenly going out with all their friends without you. If this was always part of the behavior of your spouse, thenyour spouse probably isn’t cheating on you. However, if this is brand-new behavior and they suddenly want to do things without you when they never did before there’s a good chance that they might be up to something.

Taking a sudden interest in their appearance can also be a sign that they’re cheating on you. If you are married to a slob and suddenly they’re getting all dolled up to go to the grocery store or your kid’s sporting event, it’s a possibility that either they’re already cheating or they’re trying to look good because they’ve decided that they’re going to look for somebody to cheat with.

A sudden and noticeable change in the frequency of sexual activity. Often times cheaters will either stop having sex with their spouses or they’ll start wanting to have more sex with their spouses because they feel guilty. Either one can be a sign that they have been engaging in sex with another person.

Does your spouse suddenly seem to know information about places you’ve never been? A lot of cheaters get caught because they forget what they’ve done or where they’ve gone with whom. Your spouse may start talking about something as if you to had done it or they may know details about a place that the two of you have never been. Cheaters often times get mixed up remembering special moments and who they actually spent them with.

Does your spouse suddenly seem to be talking a lot about a coworker? If your spouse comes home from work and they keep talking about a coworker there is a possibility that they started a relationship with someone at work. Most people get caught because they’re so excited about this new relationship that they can’t not talk about the person even to their own spouse. Be very wary if your spouse suddenly wants to talk about somebody they’re working with a lot.

If your spouse is suddenly leaving the house a lot without you and they don’t ask you to go along or they seem annoyed when you want to go along it’s possible they’re going somewhere you don’t want them to go. Be very suspicious if they make up excuses why you should not go along or if they then decide they’re not going to go at all once you say that you want to go with them.

Your spouse might be cheating on you if you catch them engaging in suspicious phone activity. If they leave the room when they get a phone call or they suddenly hang up when you come in the room or if they take a phone call and tell the other person that they can’t talk right now and then turn to you and immediately explain that it was one of their friends they didn’t feel like talking to; you need to be suspicious. When spouses start volunteering excuses why they are doing the things on the phone they are, it’s a good sign of trying to cover something up.

You have a mutual friend that your spouse suddenly seems to be avoiding when you’re together with them. If you a mutual friend that your spouse suddenly  takes very little interest in it’s possible that these two are having an affair and they’re going out of their way to make things look innocent when you’re around. The cheaters screw up here because they forget that prior to the affair they used to talk and have some kind of relationship. It’s easy to pick up on this: suddenly ending a friendly relationship with the opposite sex could be a sign they’re actually cheating with them.

If you really want to know how to catch a cheating spouse these 10 signs should definitely get you headed in the right direction.


Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Once you get a feeling that your spouse might be cheating, the first thing most people want to  do is confront them. I don’t recommend that unless you’ve actually caught them in the act of cheating. Before you become confrontational you need to gather as much evidence of cheating as possible. The best way I know how to catch a cheating spouse is by being extremely observant. They are counting on you to not pay attention to details.

The first thing that I recommend is that you start a journal and make notes of all the suspicious behaviour you see. Write down what happened, what you think it means and also what innocent thing it might be. Just the act of keeping a journal like this will help you to remain calm and may actually ease that sick to the stomach feeling that I know you’re feeling.

There’s no way you can stay focused on your life without thinking about it, so you might as well try to organize your thoughts in a therapeutic way. As I’ve said before, knowing the signs is critical to getting hard evidence. Suspicious activity may not always be apparent so I’ve come up with a few pointers that might help you learn how to catch a cheating spouse.

What happens when they’re with friends?  How your spouse acts around their friends or your mutual friends can be a good indication if they might have a tendency to cheat.

How do your spouse’s friends act? Are they the type of people who talk about sex a lot or are overly flirtatious? There’s good chance that your spouse acts exactly like their friends when they are with them and you are not around. Do any of your spouse’s friends have a history of cheating? How did your spouse react to it?

When my ex-wife and I first got married she was absolutely adamant that no cheating by anyone was excusable. She used to say things like “If they’re going to cheat they should just get divorced first” . Then suddenly she starts telling me how her married friend met this guy and how her husband treats her bad and she is basically justifying this woman cheating on her husband. You know what? My wife was already cheating on me by then. So look for changes in attitudes about cheating by others.

What about the of couples you’re mutually friends with. Does your spouse flirt with husband or wife of couple’s that your friends with? Do you ever catch them locked in an eye gaze. Do they often end up off in a room alone during get togethers even if only for a minute? Most cheating begins close to home or work.

And let me make this clear: there is no such thing as innocent flirting. Flirting is an open announcement that you’re sexually interested in someone. Never overlook flirting.

Does you spouse maintain an email relationships with coworkers who are members of the opposite sex outside of work? This is not natural. Especially if they send risque jokes or funny pictures back and forth. It is not normal to carry a friendship on with a coworker out side of work  unless they are a mutual friend to both of you. And if they are a mutual friend, they should not be conversing with your husband or wife away from you.


More Ways To Catch a Cheating Spouse

Here’s some simple ways to catch them:

  • Scotch Tape and Thread – It’s amazing what you can do with a piece or scotch tape or some thread. Put a piece of tape across the opening of your spouse’s passenger door. If it’s broken they may have secretly picked someone up. Is your husband claiming he’s going hunting? Very lightly sew the bottom shut on the leg of his hunting pants. If the thread’s not broken, he never put them on. Or how about a piece of tape across the opening of your spouse’s briefcase when they’re claiming to be going to a business meeting?
  • Get Their Voicemail Without Them Knowing- You will need their password most of the time, but the problem with checking voice mail is that it’s easy to know someone else got it. Here’s the trick: skip the message before it’s completely done. That way it will still show up as a new message when they go to retrieve it. Learn how to remotely access cellphone voicemail from any land line.
  • Free Way To Identify A Cellphone Caller - Finding out who owns a mysterious phone number is as simple as waiting for the bill and then calling the cellphone company  complaining about an unfamiliar phone number on your bill. They will tell you who it belongs to.

Well that’s just a few ways to catch a cheating spouse. In my next post I’m going to identify the best resource for learning how get hard evidence of  cheating. Don’t miss it.

In the meantime check out this video for even more tips on how to catch a cheating spouse: